It was one of the most informative and entertaining days training I have ever attended.

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Podcasts & Videos

Teenagers and Pornography

Hear Janey Downshire talking to Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2 about the effect of pornography on teenagers.

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Tapping for the Adolescent Brain with Janey Downshire

Hear Janey in conversation with Gene Monterastelli talking about:

The difference between the settled and the unsettled brain (for teens and parents)
How the adolescent brain is a work in progress
Why teenage boys struggle to talk about their emotions
Why teenage boys are risk seekers
Why teenage girls struggle with fallout from friend groups
Why parents often think something is a small deal when teens think it is a big deal
Why the teenage years are harder than the “terrible twos”
The goal we want for our teens: not calm, but good mental health habits that will stand them in good stead in later life
How parents can avoid escalating conflict with their teenagers
The best thing you can provide for your children
What to tap on and when to tap as a parent
How to introduce tapping to kids

Janey Downshire & Dr Fiona Pienaar speaking about mental health in schools at the Independent Schools Show in 2015

Exam Stress - Janey Downshire interviewed on London Live