Thank you both so much for two really great days - I really felt I got so much out of your course.

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10 Things People Have Said About The Course

“We both wanted to thank you so much for yesterday’s course. You created a very warm and supportive atmosphere and also a very empowering one. It was extremely helpful & we came away feeling strangely excited about how we can move forward with our daughters. I had read your book in advance of the course – initially with some tears rolling down my face I have to admit. But then I found that the small changes I made – on the advice of the book – had almost immediate and very positive impact. I am very grateful to you both for your insight and I think what you are doing is of invaluable support.”

“Thank you for today's course. I came away with my head buzzing with thought provoking ideas on the areas covered. I can only describe the course as a 'must and worthwhile' investment for parents in the 21st Century and one I am so glad to have made.”

I found the workshop on Understanding Boys incredibly useful. The thing that shocked me the most was the how much more serious the implications of on-line porn are for boys since I did your 2 Day course 5 years ago.”

“Even though I have had step daughters who are now in their 20s, I found the Course extremely informative and it's very up to date.”

“I came away from your course with some great strategies, confirmation that I am doing some things right-ish and a reminder that being a parent is a continual learning curve!

I have gained a good deal of insight from your training, and am already putting this into practice, very timely. I'll be sharing your details of your Courses with fellow parents in SE London.”

“Thank you so much for an excellent two days. I found your course fascinating in terms of the physiological changes that I had no idea about. The practical approaches you provided will help me to think before I speak more often, going forward!”

“Thank you. The course was very good. Entertaining and engaging, with enough information to understand what's going on, but not so overwhelming that I don't know where to start - just the right mix of theory and practice. I'm feeling much more positive about coping with the next few years of hormones and GCSEs and parties.”

“Just a quick note to say how thought provoking and informative your talk today was. I spent almost the whole session with a small group of boys from school in mind along with my 2 stepsons, who have given me a new perspective on teenagers and how best to embrace living with them. Your opening presentation about the structure and development of the brain was fascinating, can it really be that male brain's mature so late? Perhaps some of them take even longer??”

“Just to say a big thank you for running such an informative and enjoyable course. I really found it useful and hope that I'll be able to draw on all the information to get myself and my family through "those" years!”