The knowledge has heightened my intuition, awareness and understanding of young people, their needs and moods…

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Inputs for Schools

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Staff Inset Training

Staff in schools face an increasingly demanding job of trying to manage early-stage mental health and behavioural issues whilst also focusing on their other responsibilities. Finding time to keep abreast of what the latest research is advocating in terms of supporting healthy teenage development can be challenging in a busy timetable.

Our 2 x half-day staff INSETS draw on up-to-date research highlighting the links that are being made between various fields – neuroscience, psychology, neurobiology – in order to enable all staff to promote positive teenage mental health. Where staff are offered the opportunity to better understand how to develop a proactive approach to managing teenage problems, they are able to spot early stage issues and help children manage these so that they don’t develop into more serious dysfunctions.

Half day Inset – Session 1 (3hrs)

This covers the powerful new insights that enhance our understanding of why teen behaviour changes, and the environments and interactions which work best for teens.

The half day will cover:

Half day Inset – Session 2 (3hrs)

This builds on Session 1 and helps staff understand mental health on a spectrum, from relatively minor undesirable reactions (eg rudeness, panic, sulking) at one end to much more troubling expressions like persistent anxiety, panic attacks, negative outlook or dysfunctional behaviours like cutting.

We will look at:

Price: £1000 per Inset