It was one of the most informative and entertaining days training I have ever attended.

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Has your teenager got the blues? Here's how parents can help older kids to stay positive

Their school life is in chaos, their social life on hold, their future prospects diminished. But adults can provide plenty of support

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‘I was known as a party girl but I was sad all the time’

Student Robyn Gunn tells Anna Moore how she sought help when she found the start of university challenging

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Should I let my child go to a festival without me?

With Reading and Leeds becoming a rite of passage for many post-GCSE teenagers, Anna Moore describes a parent's dilemma

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Is it OK to 'spy' on my child with a tracking app?

There’s never a moment when Debby Penton doesn’t know, exactly, where her 12-year-old son Ben is. Whether he is arriving at school on his bike, or just about to walk in the front door at the end of the day, she gets a buzz on her Apple Watch from a real-time location-­sharing app called Life360.

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Teenagers Translated – Expert Guidance on Coping with Teens

We are delighted to be able to offer a series of three talks provided by Janey Downshire and Naella Grew from Teenagers Translated on the topic of supporting positive mental well-being in your children to both Wellington and locally invited school parents.

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How to talk to your children about sex

It's no easy task for parents, but there are ways to start this crucial conversation.

“If you had a question about sex, where would you go?” I ask my 12-year-old daughter, Orla. She doesn’t look up from her phone. “I’d ask online,” she deadpans. “then delete my browser history.”

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Why is your teenager doing that?

Parenting expert Janey Downshire explains what's really going on inside their brains

One of the things many parents struggle with is their teenager's seeming lack of common sense, the flakiness. "Didn't you think if you picked up a hot dish you'd burn your hand?" What I often have to explain is that, during this phase, the brain is undergoing renovations and isn't always able to link actions and consequences.

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Balancing Independence with Boundaries

"You need to be much more aware of what your children see you doing than what they hear you saying."

These were the words of Janey Downshire who delivered our most recent Parent Talk.

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The challenge of the long summer holiday

Mariella Frostrup and guests discuss the challenges of the long summer holiday for parents - from the cost of childcare to concerns about 'summer learning loss'.

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Tips for Surviving the Teen Years by Janey Downshire & Naella Grew

It's a pleasure to share counsellors Janey Downshire and Naella Grew’s top tips to surviving their teen years...

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Teenagers, parties and alcohol

This guide provides straight-forward advice on having discussions about alcohol and parties with your teenager:

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Don't panic! The essential parents' summer holiday survival guide

Ah, the long, lazy days of summer. Lie-ins, no work and endless days of doing whatever you want to do. For our children, that is.

Those three words “school summer holidays” – and the thought of how to keep kids cared for and entertained over six long weeks – is enough to set the pulses of modern parents racing. Indeed, a survey of 2,000 families by activity app Hoop has found that one in four parents reports experiencing FOSH, or Fear of the Summer Holidays.

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Kettering teenager offers advice to those stressed in busy exam period

A Kettering teenager has offered her advice to parents and teenagers on handling stress during the busy exam period. Chantelle Rowe, 17, admits she struggled to cope with stress during the exam period but her saviour was having something to look forward to post-exams.

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Parents, leave us kids alone!

A County Durham teenager is offering advice to parents and teens on handling stress during the busy exam period, after research from the country’s flagship youth programme reveals teens in the North East prefer their parents to leave them alone during revision and focus their energy on finding exciting activities for them to do once their exams are finished.

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TLC for Teens

Spots, mood swings, body issues… mum, Josie Golden guides us through the hormonal storm of parenting a teenager.

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Does Your Teenager Ignore Your Revision Advice? Here's How You Can Be There for Them

"The revision period is not only a difficult time for teenagers, it can also be a minefield for those around them, especially parents."

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Craig David and Tinie Tempah share exam stress tips as survey reveals effect studying has on teenagers

"Students tell poll about changes in their behaviour, physical and mental health, or appearance as exams draw near"

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"Leave us alone": teens plea to parents suffering from exams stress

"Britain's stressed out teenagers just want their parents to leave them alone during exam time, according to a new report."

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Exam stress: don’t make it any worse

"Many parents get it wrong when trying to help — here’s what what to do during revision time"

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A break from social media... and eight other ways to de-stress your kids this half-term

"It's hardly surprising that Britain's young people are feeling more stressed now than ever before. With the pressure of gruelling exams, social media and hectic schedules, more and more children are feeling the strain."

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How to Understand your Teenager's Brain

"The toddler years are a doddle, they say, compared to the rocky teenage road ahead. It is disaster-strewn and specked with yawning holes into which my own emerging teens could fall."

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10 Tips for Dealing with Teenage Anxiety

"It feels like my brain is going to explode sometimes; exams, keeping on top of school work, friendship hassles, thinking about the future, it all just gets a bit too much," says 16-year-old Natasha.

She's not alone in feeling anxious. Some 88% of teenagers have experienced stress in the past year according to a study by the National Citizen Service.

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10 Signs of Stress in Kids

A child's life may seem simple - no work, no bills, no responsibility but kids of all ages still get stressed.

When they learn new skills or have fresh experiences they may feel a certain amount of stress, which is normal and is a part of learning, but other aspects of a child's life can cause anxiety.

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The Risks You Should Let Your Children Take

Today’s parents’ refusal to let children take risks is harming their health and competence. This was the damning conclusion this week of the all-party parliamentary group on a fit and healthy childhood.

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How to Spot if your Teenager is Suffering from Stress

A new study out today from National Citizen Service (NCS), a youth empowerment programme designed to support young people's personal and social development, reveals a rise in children as young as 12 experiencing stress around their future. For parents a teenager experiencing stress can be incredibly difficult, but what's often worse is not knowing or understanding the pressure your child is under until it's too late. Here are a few
pointers on how you can spot the signs of stress…

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Mental WellBeing: Visit from Naella Grew

At the beginning of yet another busy term, we were pleased to welcome Naella Grew (BA; MA; Grad. Dip. Couns; MBACP) to Beau Soleil to talk about teenage development and emotional literacy.

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How to Translate Teenagers Today

Janey Downshire offers some advice to parents on how to help children through their teen years

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Stressed Out Teens? A Parents Survival Guide to Teenage Stress

A new study from National Citizen Service reveals a rise in young people experiencing symptoms of stress related illnesses. The research suggests much of this stress at this time of year is caused by the overwhelming number of life decisions young people are increasingly having to make about their future, such as whether to go to university or follow a vocational route, which career route to choose, the list goes on.

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Steps to deal with teenage anxiety

Too many young people are getting stressed out, reports Lisa Salmon, who looks at why our adolescents are anxious, and what we can do about it

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Mental health: Young people are struggling to cope with pressures of social media sites, studies find

Teens feel the need to constantly make themselves available and respond 24/7 on social media accounts which is causing insomnia, eating disorders, anxiety, and depression

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How parents can spot the signs of teenage stress

Too many teenagers are getting stressed out, reports Lisa Salmon, who looks at why our adolescents are anxious, and what we can do about it

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Why life IS so unfair for your teenager

It's all down to their growing brains, says the mother and author who saw four children through those stormy years

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How to keep teenagers occupied this summer

School is out and the long summer break is upon us. Our family experts have a 10-point plan to keep the holiday harmonious

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Exam time: avoid fuelling each other's anxieties

Home life often ends up bearing the brunt of stress during exam time, say Janey Downshire and Naella Grew. Here's their advice for parents

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Bridge the generation gap: Tips to boost your kid's confidence and people skills

Today's teenagers are well-versed in social media but what about the gentle art of conversation? Rachel Carlyle reports on how to boost their confidence and people skills

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Does your teenager flit between screens? Advice on how to help improve concentration

“'s crucial that they also need to start training their brain to linger, to concentrate, to really focus and process information – because this state of constant sensory overload and hyper-arousal of the brain is not actually helpful...”

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Janey and Naella interviewed on Radio New Zealand

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Help Your Teenager To Navigate The Dark Side Of Social Media

Author Janey Downshire gives worried mother Josie Golden tips on how to help her children cope with the pressures of online interaction

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How To Raise A Happy Teenager

It's not easy being a teen – but there’s a lot we parents can do to help, as Rachel Carlyle reports

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How To Deal With Your Teen's Broken Heart

If your child has split up with their boyfriend or girlfriend, should you try to help or take a back seat? Tips include: listen, don't try to fix it and don't talk about yourself.

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Exams are over, but term isn't

Pupils may see it as an opportunity for recuperation, but for parents the gap between the end of exams and the start of the summer holidays can be a frustrating time. And when they are paying substantial sums for the privilege, that frustration can easily turn into exasperation.

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Teenagers Translated Book

Our new book has been featured in the following publications and websites:

The Telegraph
The Irish News
Liverpool Echo
North Wales Daily Post
Evening Chronicle (Newcastle Upon Tyne)
Telegraph and Argus (Bradford)
Manchester Evening News
Evening Gazette
Coventry Telegraph
Daily Record
Bolton News
The Birmingham Mail
The Swindon Advertiser

Teenagers, Read All About Them

Scientists think teenagers are a uniquely human phenomenon, possibly because of the time needed to create the complex brain. If you want to find out more about your child and learn about the best support and understanding you can give, sign up for Teenagers Translated...

Published at

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Five Things You Need To Know About Your Teen

The authors of new book "Teenagers Translated" give Best Daily insider tips on coping with teens

Published at

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Is Your Teen Hooked on the New Adult Dating App?

Tinder has taken the dating world by storm. Now research reveals that girls as young as 13 are meeting strangers on the 'fun' app. Woman investigates...

Published in "Woman Magazine"

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The Birds & Bees

Sex education is a minefield as schools and parents tackle an alien world of sex and the internet so, asks School House editor Annabel Heseltine, ‘What’s the buzz?’

Published in "School House Magazine"
- Spring/Summer 2014

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Teenagers Translated

In their new book, Teenagers Translated, Janey Downshire and Naella Grew look at how to raise happy adolescents...

Published in "Independent School Parent"
- Spring 2014

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Hunger Games

So you think being the thinnest girl in the room automatically makes you pretty and popular? You couldn't be more wrong.

By Fiona McKenzie Johnston

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Troubled Teens and How Parents Can Help

It is most parents' worst nightmare to realise that their teenager is stuck and feeling de-motivated, excessively tired, glued to Facebook, prone to irrational emotional outbursts, or drinking/dabbling in recreational drugs.

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Translating Teenagers at the Tabernacle

(Published in Pavlova Diaries - February 2013)

What is up with teenagers and how is being a teenager different to back in the day? “The biggest change is that we were far more protected. There were so few outside influences, we were held back until we were 18 so we had a lot more time to grow up and mature to a time where we were able to deal with things.” says Janey Downshire of Teenagers Translated.

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What Now?

(Published Summer 2012)

“Waiting for exam results is a worrying time for teens.” says Janey Downshire

“June can be a stressful month for any parent who has had a child facing exams. Some families are facing any combination of Common Entrance, GCSE's, AS, A Levels, university exams or Finals. Parents may need to tread carefully in order not to upset the apple cart.”

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Tiny Tempers

(Published Summer 2011)

Unable to cope when her child went into meltdown, Janey Downshire decided that a radically different approach to parenting was called for.

“I wish I had understood something about what was going on inside my baby’s head when she was placed, newly born, in my arms, 20 years ago – because it would have saved me years of battling with her.”

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Tackling Teen Drinking

(Published 26th Oct 2010)

A new survey released last weekend found that the number of underage drinkers picked up by paramedics has grown by a third in the last 8 years, with a quarter more girls than boys treated for alcohol poisoning. So how do you deal with your teens if you're worried they're drinking too much?

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What's Going On In Your Teenager's Brain

(Published: Sunday Express - 24th Oct 2010)

“…the invention of MRI scanners have allowed scientists to see inside our heads - and discover that the teenage brain is a peculiarly messy work in progress.

“The biggest changes happen in the front of the brain, the “chief executive” bit which is responsible for decision-making, planning, controlling emotions and linking cause and effect (hence those damp towels).”

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What Makes Teenagers Tick?

(Published in FIRST ELEVEN magazine - Autumn 2009)

A new course teaching emotional intelligence has entered a Yorkshire classroom, and it could soon sweep the country, declares Jonny Beardsall.

Pamela Johnson is feeling wonderfully empowered. As a House Mistress and the Head of Boarding at Queen Mary's School, North Yorkshire, she is all the better for the time she spent last autumn getting to grips with a fresh, new subject - emotional intelligence. You might well be wondering what this is, thinking it sounds like American psychobabble, and it might well be, but it could also be the equivalent of a new rock 'n' roll for the education system…

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