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Courses for Parents


Parenting a child from around age 10 can be a testing time for today’s parents. In addition to the onset of trademark teenage behaviours, many families are seeing a marked increase in worrying dysfunctional issues like high levels of anxiety, depression, aggression or apathy, screen addiction (social media, gaming and pornography), eating issues, binge drinking, drugs and self-harm.

These problems have their roots in dysregulated anxiety, but once they have become established habits, they are difficult to reverse without professional help. Often there is little obvious warning beforehand as teens start to explore their image, identity, socializing and relationships with peers, pushing boundaries and establishing independent attitudes.

We conduct courses for Parents/Carers to help you develop the understanding and intuition you need so that you can provide vital proactive support, helping your child avoid issues in adulthood and give them child the necessary building blocks for good mental health.

You will leave with knowledge and practical ideas on:

Our courses are run in three ways:

Our Day Courses or series of Evening Talks will cover:

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