Our son had several one to one sessions with Janey which he found invaluable … The outcome was amazing!

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Private One-To-One Coaching Sessions

Sometimes, a more tailored approach is needed for which we offer individual coaching sessions for parents of pre-teen and teenage children, and for your children too.


These coaching sessions focus overall on helping your child to develop the knowledge and practical skills that boost mental health aptitudes, emotional regulation, anxiety and stress management, and a positive mindset. We start by discussing the specific areas of concern with you, and tailor your child's sessions to target and improve the problems.

Children usually find the sessions relevant and helpful, and attend willingly. Feedback and outcomes are very good.


If you are facing very difficult behaviours, or struggling to respond appropriately to attitudes like rebelliousness, disrespect, lethargy or anxiety, a few individual sessions focused on your specific areas of concern can help you acquire the understanding and skills to deal more effectively with your teenagers and pre-teens.

Individual sessions are offered in London and York. If you feel these may be helpful for you or your child, please contact us.

We believe that a preventative approach to things going wrong is prudent. Children today are under more pressure than ever before and are more liable to stress and depression.

Here are some sobering statistics: