Thank you both so much for two really great days - I really felt I got so much out of your course.

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Managing Exam Stress

If anybody, like us, has children on the brink of serious exams, the word "stress" might make you want to reach for a glass of wine to calm your nerves, let alone your poor child. Teenagers are programmed to overreact and respond in an overly sensitive way to pressure, and challenging situations which they may face. This is all normal and to do with their brain undergoing a complete overhaul in preparation for adulthood. It's a vulnerable time developmentally and parents need to remain tuned in to how their child is coping generally, and not fan the flames.

Teenagers face more pressure and competition today than ever before and developing self-control is a vital tool for tolerating life's ups and downs. A simple lesson in brain science for anyone who is involved with teenagers is invaluable. In order for your child to be focused, alert and rational with full access to their memory banks (crammed with revised data) - they need to be feeling calm. Facing exams for most children alerts their Fight, Flight or Freeze setting dial, none of which leave them in an appropriate mindset for exams. An over reactive emotional stress response literally hijacks the rational thinking bit of their brain. Here is how you can help your child:

Lots of sleep, good food, and above all reassurance, will all help to soothe frazzled nerves