I stand up in front of people the whole time and know how difficult it is to keep their attention… You both did it so naturally, yet very professionally.

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Courses for Schools

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Talks for Parents

The Teenage Years are acknowledged to be the most testing, and at times stressful, stage of parenting, when well-mannered children can transform into demanding, monosyllabic or unmotivated teenagers. Home can become a stamping ground for confrontation, anxiety and stress whilst teenagers push the boundaries, indulge in risky behaviours (eg drinking alcohol) and face the challenges of exams and making their way in a competitive, materialistic and digital world.

How are the changes in the teenage brain linked to the behaviours we see in teens? How can parents effectively respond to rebelliousness, anxiety, disrespect, lethargy, moodiness, depression? How can you have a positive influence, for instance on eating patterns, screen usage, alcohol and drugs? Where do you impose the boundary, and how? When do you punish, and how?

2 Day Parent Course in Schools

These are the sorts of issues that will be covered across the two day course but what distinguishes this from many of the parenting talks on the market is that the material is based on simple up-to-the-minute brain science and key psychological theories to help parents work out the most effective ways of responding and relating to their teenager during these vulnerable years. The theory is enlivened with relevant real-life examples so that parents can relate the concepts to their own child's traits and behaviour patterns.

Please contact us for details of our 2 Day Courses for Parents in Schools programme

Short Parent Talks in Schools

We also offer a series of short 1-2 hour talks to parents of children in different age groups (age 11-18). These are topic-based and are designed to be informative and practical. Topics include:

Feedback on Talks for Parents (in Schools)

“An insightful workshop for our parents which was full of constructive and helpful ideas.  It was delivered with an empathetic and personal touch. I can highly recommend it.”

Mrs Jane Crouch, Headteacher 
Dame Bradbury's School - a leading prep school for top independent and state senior schools in Cambridge and Essex

“Thank you so much for coming and giving our parents such an uplifting, warm and witty talk on Tuesday. The subject of teenagers is clearly fascinating (if a little daunting!) to all those who have them and all of us who will have them in the not so distant future. To be reminded that they can’t help much of their behaviour and to be given tools to deal with it is incredibly reassuring, I for one came away full of resolve for dealing with that time in our lives when it comes upon us. The feedback from parents was excellent (one described the session as ‘meaty’), all in all it was a super evening.”

Mrs Davina Greig, Head of Parent Friends Assocation, Notting Hill Prep School, London

“Teenagers Translated have done a number of presentations to groups of our parents during the last 18 months. They have been very well received by parents as they valued the clear, helpful information and fascinating insights into teenage behavior and the developing teenage brain. The talks come highly recommended as a source of support and advice .”

Mrs Carole Cameron, Deputy Head, Queen Margaret’s School, Escrick, York

“This is the sort of course that all parents should do. To have the goings on in a teenagers brain explained in such a clear, supportive and reassuring way was enlightening to say the least. In addition, to be given the tools to cope with the ups and downs of teenage life was invaluable.  Thank you for providing me with the means to have a great relationship with my children as they go through this particularly challenging time in their lives.”

Mrs Kate Chaytor Norris, Aysgarth School, Yorkshire