The knowledge has heightened my intuition, awareness and understanding of young people, their needs and moods…

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Courses for Schools

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Staff Inset Training


Our staff presentations and workshops aim to:

The courses, which examine key physiological, psychological and emotional aspects of development, help to enhance skills that allow staff to function more calmly and effectively in challenging situations, whilst remaining clear and focused.


How Do Our Courses Promote These Outcomes?

How Our Courses Are Delivered

Inset Presentations for Staff in both Prep and Senior schools. These cover theoretical material related to the following topics:

Skills Development Workshops which complement the inset presentations, giving staff an opportunity to work in smaller groups in order to practice skills related to theory. These workshops also provide a forum for discussion on ways to improve student performance and can be used like a surgery where staff bring specific scenarios or case studies which we can use to help them identify new skills in order to enhance their teaching and pastoral roles. Skills covered include: