Our son had several one to one sessions with Janey which he found invaluable … The outcome was amazing!

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Private One-To-One Sessions

In addition to our Courses for Parents and working with young people in Schools, we also offer individual sessions for Parents of pre-teen and teenage children, and for Children too. We work in York, Bedale (North Yorkshire) and Notting Hill, London. We are both experienced counsellors but our approach is more coaching and conversational in style.


We work one-to-one with children from Year 6 and we can work in small groups or whole classes. The aim is to raise a child’s awareness to their own thoughts, feelings and behaviour, how they come across to other people, how they can better manage life’s ups and downs (build resilience) and feel good about themselves. Understanding yourself leads to better understanding and empathy of others.

The work is practical and relevant and children enjoy attending the sessions. The material covers a large range of social, emotional and moral issues and the aim is to improve levels of autonomy, self-responsibility, independent thinking and ability to cope well with stress/problems.


We focus on family life and we help parents to better understand and manage their child’s behaviour, through discussion, listening, teaching and humour. This enables them to better support their child to manage life's ups and downs (anxiety, anger, black moods, stress, low self-esteem) in order to boost their self-confidence and self-esteem and feel generally happier. We believe that parents know instinctively what feels right for their family, but at times can benefit from someone shining a torch on the path ahead.

As a result of running our courses for several years, we have an invaluable understanding of the problems which contemporary teenagers and their families face. In turn we aim to provide understanding, practical solutions, and support for parents when facing lack of motivation/drive, anger/rudeness, sadness/moodiness, discipline issues/lack of co-operation, addiction/risk taking tendencies.

We believe that a preventative approach to things going wrong is prudent. Children today are under more pressure than ever before and are more liable to stress and depression.

Here are some sobering statistics: