What a great course – you made it very user friendly and personal and it was therefore easy to relate to my own life…

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Inspiring, informative and imaginatively delivered courses for parents, staff and children to help you through those turbulent teenage years.

New Book Available Now!

Our book is suitable for all parents of children aged from around 10 up to post-university.

It aims to help parents to better understand their teenager's changing behaviour, habits and digital world and to find improved ways to interact with their child in order to reduce tension and friction within the family.

We run parenting courses around the country with the aim of offering support, help and advice with parenting and understanding teenagers. Our courses help parents manage the huge range of issues they face from exam pressure, technology and social media, managing stress, bullying, teenage drinking and drugs, and other risky behaviours.

Our staff inset and staff training programmes support staff to better understand teenage development and teenage behaviour, and to find ways to communicate effectively with teenagers.

Friendships, exams, fitting in, performing well, image, problems – all these cause stresses that can be hard to deal with. Our courses help you with issues like these so you can feel more confident about your decisions and choices, and more comfortable with who you are.